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Stud Welds Secure Bridges in Transportation Infrastructure

For eons, man has built bridges over waterways and canyons to get to the other side. The earliest bridges were simple support beams such as tree trunks or rock slabs pushed out to cross a narrow stream bed. Over time, early bridge “engineers” extended the length of the bridge span by creating rope bridges and suspending them across the gap between two support …

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Significant Structures That Required Stud Welding in Their Construction

In the 85 years since the invention of stud welding, the stud welding trade has grown as the country has grown. Prior to stud welding, a welded joint was crafted by drilling through two metal plates and connecting them together with rivets. That practice created overlapping edges, which were bulky, only as strong as the rivet, and in the case …

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America’s Navy was built with stud welding

Although the processes, materials and practices of welding were evolving steadily through the first two decades of the 20th century, welding as an integral aspect of building anything finally became recognized as a legitimate building tool in 1919. That year, in his position as the leader of the U.S. Welding Committee of the Emergency Fleet Corporation, Dr. Comfort Avery Adams …

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