What to Know Before Buying Stud Welding Equipment

Whether you are buying all new stud welding equipment or replacing old equipment as it gradually reaches the end of its lifecycle, getting the best product at a fair price is important.

It is well worth the time to do some online research. At Image Industries, we know you will find our stud welding machines, equipment and supplies to be competitively priced in the market. And, unlike some of our competitors, we offer value-added services to provide our customers with even more benefits.

Welding Processes Required

There are many different types of equipment used in stud welding. For example, certain applications require drawn arc and Capacitor discharge welding as well as other types of welding processes. The specific type of stud and the workpiece needed also play a big factor in the type of welding required.

Our advice? Know what you need and anticipate what you may require in the future. This will help you select the right stud welder and equipment for your business or shop.

Cost Comparisons

While cost is often an indication of the quality that you can expect with stud welding equipment, it can also be misleading. Different companies offer different standard and optional features, particularly with equipment, so being able to compare apples to apples and not just prices to prices is critical.

Take the time to make a side-by-side comparison, considering everything from when maintenance is scheduled to the features that come with the basic price.

Finally, don’t forget to take a close look at the optional features as well. While they will add to the initial cost, they can make the operation much easier and more automated. The additional feature may even extend the life of the equipment, all which will be factored into the price.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. At Image Industries, our team is always here to help you to find the right equipment for your stud welding needs!

  1. Tyler Meredith
    Tyler Meredith05-10-2017

    I didn’t know that there are a lot of different styles of stud welders. It makes sense that some would need to be more powerful for thicker gauges of metal while less powerful stud welds can be used for thinner metals. I’ll have to remember this for if I get one because it’s important to me to get the power I need but also not to spend a whole lot since it’s mainly for a hobby.

  2. Scott Adams
    Scott Adams06-19-2017

    I like that you talked about the type of stud changing the type of welding needed. I’ve been wondering about what equipment to buy, and considering the studs would help. I’ll keep this in mind while looking for equipment.

  3. TayIan

    Thank for making me clear, i was just confuse with what to choose at first. You save me ton of money !

  4. Larry Weaver
    Larry Weaver09-20-2017

    Thanks for the advice to know what you need and anticipate what you may require in the future to find the right stud welder. My dad is looking into welding and would like to start a few projects for his grandchildren. Finding a welder repair services expert to help him for future anticipation of potential problems would be great.

  5. Michael Foley
    Michael Foley12-11-2017

    Thanks for the great advice! Will definitely follow these.

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