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Power Supplies

Power Supplies - SW1200 & SW2000
SW1200 & SW2000
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Handheld Weld Tools

Standard Hand Held Models(sizes through 1/2" occasional 5/8" use)
Standard Handheld Models
(sizes through 1/2" occasional
5/8" use)
Hand Held Guns - Heavy Duty Model(sizes 5/8" and above)
Heavy Duty Model
(sizes 5/8" and above)

Fixture Mounted weld tools

Fixture Mounted Guns - Hand Load Production Model
Hand Load Production Model
Fixture Mounted Guns - Auto feed Model
Auto Feed Model


Image can manufacture most any cable you require for stud welding. This would include weld tool cables, extension (combo) cables, and ground cables.

Please contact us at or call us at 800-722-7883 for assistance with your cables.

Typical Extension Cable
Typical Extension Cable
Typical Ground Cable
Typical Ground Cable


A system consists of a power supply, a weld tool, extension (combo) cable, and a ground cable. For your convenience, we have assembled typical components. Learn More.

Other Equipment

CD Equipment



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