Q & A: Why doesn’t Image Industries publish list prices?

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Why doesn’t Image publish list prices?


Image industries does not list prices as a benefit to our end user. The client who buys a machine from a dealer or even directly from us.

In many cases, Image’s (as well as other manufacturers’) list prices do not accurately reflect the price a company would pay for welding machines. Instead, the list price is used as a basis to calculate a dealer’s purchase price (a dealer’s price is calculated as a percentage off the stated list price). From this point, a dealer would determine their required profit, and develop a “retail price” for the machine. As different dealers have different profit requirements depending on their “value added” services, it is typically useful for the end-user to carefully consider everything he/she is receiving for a given price.

In many cases, the lowest price isn’t the best deal. Therefore, comparing list prices to street prices usually does not provide useful information to companies.