Why Stud Welding Wins Contracts

In this age of worldwide competition and razor thin margins, you need every advantage to complete your contracts as quickly and profitably as possible. There are many reasons why industrial services get held up or experience cost increases, but delays or errors in welding services need not be one of them. Stud welding offers the speed, reliability and affordability you can count on to finish your project in a timely manner. Here’s why:

It is efficient

Stud welds can be used on any number of surfaces. Frequently employed in the cookware, marine, construction and aerospace industries, stud welding ensures a strong, tight bond that will not break, regardless of the conditions to which it is exposed. Digital stud welding technology improves its efficiency even more by eliminating time and materials waste and ensuring an accurate, fast and secure bond every time.

It improves productivity

Stud welding is done at a high speed, so it saves hours off traditional welding methods, such as drilling and tapping, resistance welding or clinch fastening. By eliminating the time and effort needed to predrill, punch holes or set rivets, stud welding accomplishes the same function in a fraction of the time.

It is flexible

Stud welding is great for making last-minute adjustments to any project. Without the need to drill more holes or manipulate materials to accommodate the welding process, small changes can be made without affecting any other aspect of the project.

It promotes operator safety

With no splatter, stud welding keeps operators safe. Other welding techniques require exposure to liquid metals. The heat generated by those molten metals causes severe burns when it hits human tissue. It can also cause damage to the surface of the project. During drawn arc stud welding, a ceramic shield protects the molten metals from splattering on the operator or the project. No splatter equals no injuries or ruined project finishes.

These sophisticated welding devices are also designed to be ergonomic, lightweight and easy to handle.

Stud welding gets rid of the guesswork

There are two models of stud welding equipment, drawn arc and capacitor discharge welder. Both offer heat settings that adjust quickly and easily, requiring no additional tools. Both also offer the same result: a tight, clean, almost instantaneous bond between the stud and the base metal.

Stud welding can be performed on stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel or brass materials and secures a clean, reliable connection.