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What is Stud Welding?

Also known as “drawn arc stud welding,” this process uses an electric arc that quickly adheres the fastener to a metal or substrate base. This fastener can be threaded, unthreaded, taped, so on and so forth. Meanwhile, the fastener and the substrate can consist of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other various metals. Perfect  professional projects, stud welding is a strong and fast solution

Methods of Stud Welding

Depending on the needs of a project, there are three common techniques of arc stud welding that are used within the industry, which are: Drawn Arc Stud Welding, Short Arc Stud Welding, and Gas Arc Stud Welding.

Process of Stud Welding

The overall stud welding process involves a metal stud that is affixed to metal workpiece of choice by heating both parts with an arc. What makes arc stud welding different from other fastening process is that the fastener is attached to the workpiece without damaging the other side of the metal. In other words, it allows a strong one-sided weld on base metals.

Advantages of Stud Welding

The three major advantages to using stud welding over another process of adherence are:

  • Better Quality

Due to its weld strength, aesthetic appeal, and design flexibility, there is an overall improved quality during the entire process from start to finish.

  • It’s Faster

The manufacturing of nearly any project is easier and faster with fewer steps, creating a more efficient process.

  • Saving Money

Because arc stud welding is an efficiency, strength, and aesthetic appeal, choosing this process saves time with both labor and fabrication.

Benefits of Stud Welding

Beyond being cosmetically superior, due to lack of visual adherence through the single sided fastener, the process of arc stud welding provides security and ease. Since there are no special skills to install, more time can be sent on performing the actual project at hand. Furthermore, because a stud weld is a full cross sectional weld, there is an increase its strength compared to peripheral welds. And perhaps the best quality for people on a deadline is that stud welding is fast, with the welding process taking less than one second for a ¾’’ fastener.

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If you have questions about stud welding contact your sales representative or the factory for trouble shooting!