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What to Know Before Buying Stud Welding Equipment and Products

Have you ever gone shopping for equipment when you had only a general idea of what you wanted? Did you end up getting the right equipment or tool or did you end up purchasing something that looked great and had terrific potential but wasn’t the right match for your project? This is a common issue for people new to the …

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Using Headed Anchor Weld Studs in Pre-Cast Concrete

At Image Industries, we work with companies that complete all types of construction projects from bridges to some of the largest buildings and facilities across the United States. In many applications, the headed stud anchors are stud welded onto the steel, and the concrete poured on top, create a solid, durable hold that is effective as well as easy. However, …

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Different Drawn Arc Weld Studs and Their Uses

As a specialized company focusing on providing welding studs and stud welding equipment, Image Industries offers a much greater range of studs than our industry competitors. With our ability to work with your design and engineering team to create custom drawn arc weld studs to meet your project’s needs and specifications, we can provide the ideal parts for your projects …

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