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Get the Capacitive Discharge Threaded Weld Studs You Need at Great Prices

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Get the Right Cable Tie Anchor Mounts for the Job

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The Differences in Gap and Contact Capacitive Discharge Welding

Both gap capacitor discharge welding and contact capacitor discharge welding are based on the same general principles and methods however, there are differences in the process that are important to understand. At Image Industries, we often get questions about which is the best option to consider. To help our customers and those interested in both gap and contact capacitive discharge …

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Easily Change Settings on Image Industries Drawn Arc Stud Welding Machines

At Image Industries, we have developed stud welding systems that are very easy to use and require limited operator experience or knowledge of the physics behind drawn arc stud welding. While much of the process can be automated, our stud weld machines allow for the operator to manually change settings or to configure the machine for specific stud welding applications. …

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Stud Weld Guns: Production Weld Heads Vs. Hand Held Models

Stud welding is used across a wide range of applications from the manufacturing of stainless steel kitchen appliances through to the building of bridge decks or even the construction of tankers and military ships. At Image Industries, we provide stud welding equipment to our customers across this spectrum of industries. With our drawn arc and Capacitor Discharge (CD) stud weld …

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3 Essential Questions to Ask Stud Weld Manufacturers

How often do you take the time to get to know the manufacturers of the products and equipment you buy for any job? Are you a purchaser that buys strictly on price or do you see each supplier as a partner that is essential to the success of your business? At Image Industries, we want to be true partners to …

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