Easily Change Settings on Image Industries Drawn Arc Stud Welding Machines

At Image Industries, we have developed stud welding systems that are very easy to use and require limited operator experience or knowledge of the physics behind drawn arc stud welding. While much of the process can be automated, our stud weld machines allow for the operator to manually change settings or to configure the machine for specific stud welding applications. This feature allows the operator to fine-tune the stud welding system to meet the needs of a particular stud welding job to create the best welds with the given studs and base material. Digital readouts and easy to use control knobs ensure that you’ll have the right settings and avoid imperfect welds.

In the stud welding process, two factors come into play- time and current. Mistakes in the time and the current supplied based on the base material as well as the diameter of the stud can significantly impact the quality of the weld.

Setting the Time
The ideal use of Image Industries technology in stud welders is to allow the system to set automatically. The time for the process is determined by the stud diameter. The larger the stud diameter, the higher the weld time will be for any type of weld stud. As a general rule use the weld time as a decimal representation of the diameter of the stud. For example, a ½ inch weld stud would use .5 seconds of weld time.

Current Settings
The current settings are a bit more complicated to calculate. A good guideline is to use 100 amps of weld current with each 16th of an inch of stud diameter. Once set, unless stud diameters change, the weld current and the time will not require adjustment.

For more guidance on how to adjust your Image Industries stud welder, see this blog post for more information.

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