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Stud welded ports work well in agriculture and construction equipment

The success of any construction or agricultural job often depends on the machines used to complete it. Equipment can create challenges to any project when they break down or prove insufficient to do the job. Manufacturers of equipment know that their customers rely on powerful, well-crafted machines to accomplish their building and agricultural projects. Many of those manufacturers rely on stud-welded components because they allow fast assembly and reliable performance every time.

Stud welding saves money

Image Industries' proprietary stud welded ports securely fasten to any size hydraulic cylinder in under one second, significantly improving throughput times over other welding processes. Manufacturing time saved just on this aspect can save significant money with every run.

Many benefits, no drawbacks

Because the stud weld process uses heat that is applied for such a small period of time, the tube is not adversely affected by the weld. The reduction of excess heat eliminates the distortion that sometimes occurs when too much heat is applied when welded to a tube. Many manufacturers are forced to refinish their tubes after the installation of ports because traditional port attachment processes compromises the roundness of their surfaces. The cylinder then does not "egg," or warp out of shape while the port is attached. With the stud welded port many manufacturers never touch the interior of the cylinder again. The product of the weld is a leak proof bond between port and cylinder tube, and a fully functional, appropriately round tube. Thinner materials also reduce costs

Not insignificantly, stud welding also facilitates the use of thinner metals. Because the weld is so fast, there is no need for thicker cylinder wall for traditional MIG welded bosses. Thinner metals often mean reduced costs for materials and some manufacturers have reduced the thickness of their cylinder by as much as 40 percent without compromising on quality, durability or reliability.

Flexible, customizable port welds for every purpose

Image Industries has mastered the art of stud welding for any purpose and every material. Tubing does not need a flat spot for our bosses and can weld to a wide variety of tubing diameters. Our fittings are completely customizable as well, so there is no need for additional fittings once the boss is secure (Many customers weld an NPT Boss and then screw in a right angle ORFS fitting. This fitting can be entirely eliminated). We will manufacture the fitting to the exact specifications of the final project, which is another money-saver.

Today's agricultural and construction industries work hard and rely on quality, dependable equipment to get their job done. Using stud welded port technology assures equipment manufacturers that their machines can dependably handle any task, and they can pass that assurance onto their customers.

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