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When To Use Drawn Arc Welding

The benefits of processes, such as CD stud welding and drawn arc stud welding, are immeasurable.  However, though CD welding is a successful process in many instances, its primary benefit is for thin gauge material and cosmetic applications.


Let’s examine 4 factors that are important when deciding when to use drawn arc stud welding:


When dealing with diameters ranging from 1/4 inches to 1 inch, drawn arc stud welding is an excellent process to use (there are exceptions, but they require a more specialized set up.)


For rugged or critical applications most designers, manufacturers and weld engineers want excellent penetration.


When compared to typical wire or stick welding, which range from 100- 300 and 200- 600 amps respectively, drawn arc welding begins at 400. With a range that easily goes to 2,000 amps, drawn arc brings a lot of power to the table. The energy from drawn arc welding means excellent penetration into the base material. Penetrations of 1/8 - 1/4 inch are not uncommon with this process, making designers, manufacturers and weld engineers alike satisfied. More importantly, your customers on the final end are pleased because they have a high quality finished product.

Lowest Installed Costs

When considering a fastening solution, it is important to consider overall total costs. This breaks down into 3 factors:

  • Speed The process of Drawn Arc stud welding is fast. When production times are important, than drawn arc stud welding is a reliable choice, with arc times ranging from .250 to 1.25 seconds.
  • Fewer Manufacturing Steps Drawn arc stud welding eliminates punching, drilling, tapping and riveting. With special techniques, it permits welding on painted surfaces, eliminating the need for pre-grinding and recoating, as well.
  • Labor Savings Labor costs are dramatically reduced with drawn arc stud welding because through hole preparation is eliminated, allowing a single worker to complete the process.

Single Sided Fastening Process

Single sided fastening process is important in several scenarios, such as:

  • Difficult Accessibility to Reverse Side If the reverse side is difficult to reach, as in the case with a large item such as earth moving equipment, a building or a bridge.
  • Leak Proof Fastening If the application requires leak proof fastening. If applying this process to a liquid filled container, like transformers, or welding on ships and tankers, this is a critical benefit to drawn arc welding.
  • Added Security Because of the single sided nature of stud welding, it is excellent in tamper proof applications, because there is no visible fastener to remove or destroy, making this an excellent security factor.
  • Aesthetics Since the fastener is not seen from the appearance side it is often chosen with aesthetics in mind, when manufacturers want to showcase their product.

As you can see, drawn arc stud welding is an appropriate practice where heavy-duty materials are necessary. The durability, cost effectiveness and speed of application, all make this a reliable and preferred fastening method.  At Image Industries, our customers know that when it comes to stud welding, we are the company of choice for equipment, service and insight.

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