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Top 4 Drawn Arc Stud Welding Applications

At Image Industries, we specialize in providing equipment and materials for stud welding. We offer both capacitor discharge and drawn arc welding equipment that allows for a high-speed way to secure a metal fastener to a metal base in a fraction of a second.

There are many different applications that use drawn arc stud welding. In general, this is the equipment and the process used for ¼ inch to 1 inch diameter studs. These studs are fast to install, vibration resistant and are strong and durable. The process of arc stud welding includes the use of a ceramic ferrule against the workpiece and around the stud. This ferrule is removed after the stud welding process.

Top Applications

The drawn arc welding is most commonly found in:

  • Construction & Bridges– This includes embed plates in precast concrete construction as well as when a composite construction is used in the decks of steel buildings and bridges.

  • Construction & Agriculture Equipment – Weld studs are often used in the manufacturing of all types of equipment equipment where vibration and heavy duty operation is a factor. Threaded weld studs and tapped weld stud bosses are used to mount items to the structure as well as routing cables and hoses. Stud welding can also be used in the manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders used on such equipment.

  • Electrical – power distribution systems, electrical enclosures, and switchgear all benefit from drawn arc studs welding. Many of these applications require a leak proof joint. Stud welding fills that need perfectly.

  • Shipbuilding – Drawn arc welding is used widely in shipbuilding, specialized alloys such as Inconel and HY80 are often specified to boost corrosion resistance or to maintain hull integrity.

For more information on using arc stud welding for your next project or job, talk to the experts at Image Industries.

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