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What to Know Before Buying Stud Welding Equipment and Products

September 18, 2017

Have you ever gone shopping for equipment when you had only a general idea of what you wanted? Did you end up getting the right equipment or tool or did you end up purchasing something that looked great and had terrific potential but wasn't the right match for your project?

This is a common issue for people new to the stud welding industry. At Image Industries, we provide customer support and service to ensure that our customers always get the right stud welding equipment for their current job and will last through jobs they plan to take on the future.

Listed below are some important questions to ask and answer before you make a purchase.

Type of Stud Welding Required

We offer two different systems in stud welding equipment. These include drawn arc and capacitor discharge stud welding systems. As a general guideline, drawn arc is used for larger diameter stud welds and for applications where strength and durability of the weld will be critical.

Capacitor discharge stud welding is used for lighter materials and smaller diameter stud welds where the strength of the weld is important, but the aesthetics of the weld will also be a factor.

Hand Held or Fixed Mount

With more production and fabrication moving to automated systems, it is important to know if you need the stud welding equipment for automated welding requirements (fixed mount) or if you need hand held welding tools for mobility and portability.

Image Industries offers nine different hand-held weld tools and three fixed-mount models. All are durable and reliable. The different models are each designed for different stud diameters and welding processes. We also recommend you consider your budget. However, you will find the options at Image Industries are competitively priced, just talk to our staff at 800-722-7883, and we can provide a quote today.

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