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Custom-Tailored Contract Assembly Services

Image Industries provides a variety of contract assembly services, customized to meet your specific needs. These services range from contract stud welding to miscellaneous component assembly.

No one provides better assembly services than Image Industries. Just look what we did for two recent clients:

We Help Customers Reduce Costs and Meet Demand

We worked with a client that had been manufacturing an assembly in-house for quite some time, but was rejecting nearly half their parts. The assembly required exacting measurements of within 0.002 of an inch, virtually no weld spatter was tolerable despite 85% of the surface needing bonding and, finally, the weld stud was 7/16" stainless steel. A stud that size is particularly difficult for Capacitor Discharge stud welding. As a result of these stringent requirements, costs were high and their production simply could not keep up with demand.

Image Industries took over to impressive results. We:

  • Designed and built a custom piece of stud welding equipment to meet the volume, location tolerance, and stud size requirements
  • Developed a welding technique to reduce weld spatter to virtually zero
  • Our assembled version produced less than 2% scrap, satisfied all delivery requirements, and cost our client less than doing the job in-house

We are a Single Source for Stud Welding Needs

Image Industries was already manufacturing two pieces of a three-piece assembly for one of our clients, but they were looking to reduce the number of vendors handling the final assembly. We took over the entire manufacturing process and:

  • Designed and built a custom piece of stud welding equipment to meet volume requirements
  • Developed a welding technique to replace two costly brazed joints, yet still met tough industry approval standards
  • Added a stamping operation to our manufacturing processes

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Providing superior stud welding and stud welder parts and equipment isn't enough. We also strive to deliver better service and unmatched expertise. And that's exactly what we've been doing for more than 40 years.

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