Contract Assembly

Image can provide a variety of contract assembly services. We custom tailor these services to meet specific customer needs. These services range from contract stud welding to miscellaneous component assembly.


ph_AssycImage was manufacturing two pieces of this three-piece assembly for Acme Manufacturing. Our customer was looking to reduce the number of vendors handling the final assembly. Acme came to us to see if we would work with them to take a greater responsibility in the overall manufacturing process. Image agreed.

To make this work, we did a number of things:

  • Image developed a welding technique to replace two costly brazed joints, yet still met tough industry approval standards.
  • Added a stamping operation to our manufacturing processes.
  • Designed and built a custom piece of equipment to meet the volume requirements of Acme.


ph_asy2_ol_smbWarner Inc., had been manufacturing this assembly for a while. The requirements were very tough. Position was critical at ±0.002″ in both the x and y directions. Additionally, virtually no weld spatter was tolerable, yet 85% of the surface was required to be bonded. Finally, the weld stud was 7/16 stainless steel. A stud that size is particularly difficult for Capacitor Discharge stud welding.

Warner, Inc. was rejecting nearly 50% of the parts manufactured in-house (it was difficult for them to meet their own requirements). Because of the high scrap rate, production could not keep up with demand.

To make this work, Image did a number of things:

  • Designed and built a custom piece of equipment to meet the volume, location tolerance, and stud size requirements of Warner, Inc.
  • Image developed a welding technique to reduce weld spatter to virtually zero.
  • As a result, Image’s assembled version has less than 2% scrap (that’s our in-house scrap rate, not the customer’s scrap rate). We are able to meet Warner’s delivery requirements and it costs Warner less than doing the job in-house.

Feel free to contact our engineering group at: to see if Image might be able to assist with your assembly operations.