Application Support

Arc stud welding meets a broad variety of metal fabrication requirements, while CD stud welding is well suited for the welding of studs to lightweight or thin gauge materials.

Stud welding may be integrated with an automated process using an automatic feed system, to yield weld rates of up to 45 studs per minute depending on size and process.

Arc Stud Welding Applications

Because a weld produced by the Arc stud welding process offers such benefits as high structural integrity, excellent productivity, leak resistance, corrosion resistance, minimized noise and vibration, and many other benefits, it has found extensive use in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Automotive — heat shields, power steering and dashboard components, instrument panels, insulation, exhaust systems, lighting systems, hydraulic/brake/fluid lines, electrical wire routing, and trim
  • Construction — bridges, buildings, conduit, and piping
  • Farm equipment — fenders, brackets, cabs, spreaders, shrouding, thresher teeth, wiring and hose management
  • Highway equipment — cover plates, non-skid devices, wiring and hose management
  • Institutional apparatus — commercial dishwashers, bottle washers, cooking equipment, griddle plate assemblies
  • Furniture — metal household and office furniture, lawn furniture, shelving, racks
  • Metal products — barbecue equipment, enclosures, heating/plumbing apparatus, insulation enclosures, HVAC units, water storage systems
  • Industrial — inspection cover plate attachments, enclosures, flow indicators, material handling equipment, controls
  • Power generation, distribution and genset — power transformer tanks, transducers
  • Shipbuilding — insulation, wire management, hatch covers
  • Lawn and garden — tractors, mowers, seeders
  • Electrical/electronic — electrical enclosures, hydraulic lines

CD Stud Welding Applications

Providing fast welds on lightweight material with minimal distortion, CD stud welding is widely used in:

  • Jewelry — earrings, pins
  • Hardware — brackets, cleats, tool handles
  • Cookware — utensils, pots and pans, handles
  • Electrical houseware — electric frying pans, cookers, oven assemblies, microwave guides
  • Electrical/electronic — components, terminals, pumps, motors, communication equipment, electronic systems
  • Doors — commercial doors, escutcheon plates, insulation