QuikLinx Cable Tie Anchor Mounts

Introducing QuikLinx®: The Innovative Cable Management Solution

Cable management has been a problem for as long as there have been cables. But now there’s a breakthrough cable management solution that’s fast, affordable and simple.

Introducing QuikLinx, the innovative cable management solution for rugged applications and yet can fit any need, any design and any budget. The QuikLinx weld mount welds in place in 0.2 seconds, with magazine fed tool speeds of up to 16 mounts a minute.


QuikLinx is the simple cable management solution that other tooling options simply can’t touch. With QuikLinx you’ll:

  • Increase Productivity—Managing cables can increase your throughput. One QuikLinx customer reported going from 200 cabs/week to 220 cabs/week merely by using QuikLinx to organize their cables.
  • Save Labor Costs—No expensive skill set is needed to install, training is quick, and QuikLinx welding mounts can be installed rapidly, with minimal labor time.
  • Be Green—QuikLinx welding mounts are completely recyclable and use less steel than many competing solutions. They also use significantly less energy to install.

Learn More About QuikLinx

Get specs and tooling information by downloading the QuikLinx Data Sheet, and watch QuikLinx welding in action, plus learn about the benefits of cable management and more on our QuikLinx video playlist.

QuikLinx is Perfect for any Volume Application

  • Low Volume Applications—With a hole in the center for plug welding, QuikLinx works with MIG/TIG/Stick welding equipment. Just position the clip and weld in place. Our QuikLinx weld mount makes your manual welding even easier.
  • Moderate Volume Applications—Our Single Shot Stud Weld tool is the perfect accessory for low or moderate use (below 10,000 pieces a year). Just load a single QuikLinx weld mount into the stud gun, and weld the piece in a fraction of a second. The Single Shot Stud Weld tool can be adapted to work with most stud welding equipment.
  • High Volume Applications—The QuikLinx Autofeed tool lets an operator load 50 QuikLinx weld mounts at a time, and weld up to 16 a minute.

Get all the QuikLinx information you need in our QuikLinx Data Sheet or by visiting our QuikLinx video playlist.