Non-Threaded Capacitor Discharge Studs Offer an Adaptable Solution

favicon-ipad-retinaIdeal locators, stops, and many other similar applications, non-threaded capacitor discharge studs make for an ideal solution for jobs that require a quality weld.

CD Weld Studs Can Make Your Operation More Cost-Effective

We manufacture a wide range of non-threaded CD weld studs in different lengths and diameters. In addition to our standard sizes, we also produce customized studs that are made to your required dimensions. If you’re faced with a tricky fastening problem, our experienced, innovative team can work with you to design a stud that will get the job done right.

CD Weld Studs for Fast Results

One of the major advantages of using capacitor discharge welding studs and methods is the speed at which a secure weld can be achieved. By using capacitor discharge welding equipment, a quality weld can be accomplished in less than a tenth of a second. With such rapid results and wide range of studs, capacitor discharge welding is a popular and versatile choice for many products.

Non-threaded Capacitor Discharge Studs Made from Premium Materials

We only use premium materials and advanced technology to create all our products. This ensures our customers enjoy exceptional non-threaded CD studs that are built to last and are designed to deliver consistently exceptional results. To find out more about what we can offer, or place an order, call us at (800) 722-7883.