Contact & Gap Stud Weld Tools

Image’s contact and gap stud welding tools are precision-engineered for quick setup and optimum performance. Ergonomically designed, both tools offer “fit-like-a-glove” comfort, promote efficient welding, and increase productivity while reducing operator fatigue. Compact and lightweight, the weld tools can be used even in the tightest weld areas, and users can make adjustments easily and conveniently — on the fly — without additional tools.

Both models offer a unique adjustment feature that makes changing the plunge fast and effortless. Gap models generate the gap automatically, and do not require the operator to preset the gap or to lift the mechanism manually. The gap weld tools also feature a rear gap adjustment that works like a power drill clutch for simplified, quick setting changes. Contact models have a uniquely designed indicator LED, which gives users immediate visual feedback, eliminating any guesswork by the operator. These tools offer full range adjustment without changing any internal components, unlike competitive brands. Contact models are designed for compatibility with most stud welding power supplies.


  • Precision-engineered for convenient setup and optimum performance
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design minimizes operator fatigue
  • Heat settings adjust fast and easily — without additional tools — simplifying operation for novice and experienced users
  • Gap models require no user intervention — generating gap distances automatically
  • Contact and gap tools provide immediate visual feedback on heat settings, eliminating operator guesswork


The CD stud welding process not only provides fast, clean welds, it also offers the following features and benefits:

  • Offers quick, attractive welds with no reverse-side marring
  • Achieves one-sided welds with minimal distortion on a variety of materials as thin as 0.20″ (0.5mm)
  • Uses carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass materials
  • Allows weld settings to be tailored to the application via user-selectable capacitance
  • Eliminates wasted time with adjustable up and down weld voltage
  • Provides uncompromising operator safety — including checks for failure of key power components — via microprocessor control
  • Enables accurate, repeatable setup using a digital voltage meter

Mechanical Specifications



Basic Weight:1.9 lbs. (0.88 kg) Includes standard legs and foot, plus cable inside the weld tool
Stud Range Capacity:14 gauge - 3/8" (3 mm - 10 mm)


Standard Chuck Nut Wrench (GRM12)
Tripod Face Plate (GRM99)
Collets#4 (CLI11)#10 (CLI19)3/8" (CLI37)5mm (CLIM5)
#6 (CLI13)1/4" (CLI25)2mm (CLIM2)6mm (CLIM6)
#8 (CLI16)5/16" (CLI31)4mm (CLIM4)


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