CD110 Capacitator Discharge Stud Welder

cd110The CD110 Capacitor Discharge (CD) Stud Welder is the result of imaginative thinking and a commitment to provide our customers with reliable, easy-to-use stud welding equipment. While the unit may appear similar in function and features to competitive CD welders, it’s the usability features that make the CD110 more attractive to typical users. It also offers fast welds, with a clean, attractive appearance. The CD110 achieves this through short weld times that minimize heat buildup, resulting in little to no discoloration, burning, or reverse-side dimpling.

Capable of both Contact and Gap CD stud welding, the stud welder’s outstanding durability and flexibility are able to meet any application challenge. Providing 110,000 microfarads of capacitance, the unit can handle up to 3/8″ steel CD weld studs. The machine saves production time and cost with short weld times of 0.01 seconds, and a charge time of less than three seconds.

Contained in a durable steel case with powder coat paint, the CD110 includes a demand cooling fan for maximum throughput. Electrical safety is assured via automatic over-voltage protection and a resettable circuit breaker.

Standard Features

Selectable Capacitance

The CD110 offers three user-selectable levels of capacitance. There are 66,000uf, 88,000uf, and 110,000uf levels that are selected via the top knob on the control panel. This allows the user to exactly tailor the power of the unit to the fastener being welded. This is like getting the power of three different welders in one package.

Status Indicators

The CD110 has three different status LED indicators. A red indicator shows the user the trigger function. An amber indicator shows contact with the workpiece. Finally, a green indicator shows the unit is charged and ready to weld.

These are useful tools for the operator in case there is some difficulty during welding. The green LED can also flash out error codes in the case of a power supply malfunction.

Dial Down Voltage

The CD110 is unique in that it allows the operator to adjust the voltage DOWN. While this seems like a common sense feature, it is not used by other manufacturers. If you want to reduce the set voltage on a competitive piece of equipment, you have to dial the voltage down, turn off the unit, and wait a few seconds before powering the unit back up. On a CD110, you turn the voltage knob down and the voltage goes down. Simple and useful.

Maximum Operator Safety

The CD110 has been designed to ensure maximum operator safety. Unlike most analog competitive units, when a component fails, it immediately presents a potential danger to the operator. Image Industries’ innovative microprocessor design actually checks key components several times each second. If a critical component fails, the microprocessor shuts the entire power supply off.

Optional Features

PLC Data Interface

The CD110 welder has as an available option integrated data I/O that makes this unit well-suited for interfacing with any industrial PLC. This includes allowing the PLC to trigger the weld sequence. The PLC can tell when the unit is finished charging and ready for the weld cycle. The PLC can also detect when the weld head is making contact with the work. This allows the complete set up to be put into semi- and fully-automated environments.



The CD stud welding process not only provides fast, clean welds, it also offers the following features and benefits:

  • Offers quick, attractive welds with no reverse-side marring
  • Achieves one-sided welds with minimal distortion on a variety of materials as thin as 0.20″ (0.5mm)
  • Uses carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass materials
  • Allows weld settings to be tailored to the application via user-selectable capacitance
  • Eliminates wasted time with adjustable up and down weld voltage
  • Provides uncompromising operator safety — including checks for failure of key power components — via microprocessor control
  • Enables accurate, repeatable setup using a digital voltage meter

Tools and Accessories

CD Weld Tools

Image’s high-performance CD weld tool is small, lightweight, and self-locking. Bearings are used throughout to make this an accurate tool.

CD Studs

CD studs are easy to install and can be done by inexperienced operators.