Full Thread Drawn Arc Welding Studs

Full Thread Drawn Arc Weld Studs

Fully Threaded (Full Thread) Drawn Arc Weld Studs

Benefiting from exceptional versatility and easy-of-use, fully threaded studs are one of the most commonly used studs on the market. The threads on a full thread stud run the full length of the fastener (hence full thread). Because a full thread stud doesn’t have a break in the thread, it’s a far more flexible option that partially threaded studs. This simplifies many mating part concerns and is a favorite of engineers. Studs are a tough, durable option and fixed to prevent twisting when attaching nuts or components – a key benefit when strength is required. A full thread stud is a popular option for a wide range of applications though a Pitch Diameter Stud is marginally stronger in shear than a Full Thread Stud due to the slightly larger diameter in the shear area.

Stock or Custom Fully Threaded Studs and Many Other Lines

We have more than forty years of experience in supplying a wide range of studs, like our full thread stud option. Our studs are available in various sizes and configurations, enabling us to provide an effective solution to most welding requirements. Our expert team is always on hand to offer advice, so if you’ve got a particular problem and want to know whether threaded studs are going to be the best solution, we’re always happy to help.

Like everything else we offer, our goal is always to provide exceptional products and services which also provide great value. To find out more about us, or to tell us what you’re looking for, call (800) 722-7883.

5/8 FTC25-62 FTC31-62 FTC37-62
3/4 FTC25-75 FTC31-75 FTC37-75
7/8 FTC25-87 FTC31-87 FTC37-87
1 FTC25-1 FTC31-1 FTC37-1 FTC50-1
1 1/8 FTC25-112 FTC31-112 FTC37-112 FTC50-112
1 1/4 FTC25-125 FTC31-125 FTC37-125 FTC50-125
1 3/8 FTC25-137 FTC31-137 FTC37-137 FTC50-137
1 1/2 FTC25-150 FTC31-150 FTC37-150 FTC50-150
1 5/8 FTC25-162 FTC31-162 FTC37-162 FTC50-162 FTC62-162 FTC75-162
1 3/4 FTC25-175 FTC31-175 FTC37-175 FTC50-175 FTC62-175 FTC75-175
1 7/8 FTC25-187 FTC31-187 FTC37-187 FTC50-187 FTC62-187 FTC75-187
2 FTC25-2 FTC31-2 FTC37-2 FTC50-2 FTC62-2 FTC75-2
2 1/4 FTC25-225 FTC31-225 FTC37-225 FTC50-225 FTC62-225 FTC75-225
2 1/2 FTC25-250 FTC31-250 FTC37-250 FTC50-250 FTC62-250 FTC75-250
2 3/4 FTC25-275 FTC31-275 FTC37-275 FTC50-275 FTC62-275 FTC75-275
3 FTC25-3 FTC31-3 FTC37-3 FTC50-3 FTC62-3 FTC75-3
1 5/8
1 5/8
Up to 3″ is considered a stocking size. Beyond 3″ is a custom order.
Height .12 ± .02″ .12 ± .02″ .14 ± .02″ .17 ± .02″ .25 ± .02″ .32 ± .02″
Diameter .36 ± .02″ .43 ± .02″ .49 ± .02″ .63 ± .02″ .77 ± .02″ .97 ± .02″
After Weld Lenght Reduction (approx)
Chuck C25 C31 C37 C50 C62 C75
Grip G25 G31 G37 G50 G62 G75
Foot FTS20 FTS20 FTS20 FTS20 FTM20 FTM20
Ferrule 25F 31F 37F 50F 62F 75F
(see appendix tables for calculation details particularly when comparing different manufacturers)
Min Working Tensile 644 lb 1,062 lb 1,569 lb 2,873 lb 4,577 lb 6,773 lb
Min Yield Shear 551 lb 908 lb 1,341 lb 2,459 lb 3,912 lb 5,790 lb
Min Working Torque 2.7 ft•lb 5.5 ft•lb 9.8 ft•lb 23.9 ft•lb 47.7 ft•lb 84.7 ft•lb
Min Yield Torque 3.3 ft•lb 6.7 ft•lb 11.8 ft•lb 28.8 ft•lb 57.2 ft•lb 101.6 ft•lb