Shoulder Base Drawn Arc Weld Studs


Shoulder Base Weld Studs (Shoulder Stud)

A shoulder base stud provides a boss area for mating parts to seat against. Shoulder base studs are made to order. If you are thinking of using a shoulder base stud, consider a collar stud as well. A collar stud will provide a similar boss / land area as a shoulder base stud at a cost and delivery time savings. The fundamental difference between a shoulder base stud and a collar stud is that the base of a shoulder stud can handle more shear than the base of a collar stud for a given thread size. However, a collar stud can be welded to a thinner gauge of metal than a shoulder base stud for a given thread size. All Image Industries shoulder studs are threaded for nut fastening.

Although for most projects a standard collar stud can provide much the same outcomes as a shoulder stud (and is usually a more versatile option), there may be projects where only a shoulder stud will do. We have more than forty years of experience in creating a wide selection of tailor made shoulder stud options for a variety of different industries. No matter what challenge you are trying to solve, when it comes to shoulder studs we can create a workable, economical solution.

Not only can we create any type of stud that’s required, we are also used to working with customers who have tight deadlines and need high volumes of components created quickly. This ensures that you always have enough studs to keep up with production goals without needing to overstock.

One-Stop Option for All Your Studs

We hold a broad inventory of studs, providing numerous sizes and configurations. In addition to shoulder studs, we also stock collar studs, threaded studs and many more options. Our expert team is always available to provide assistance and product recommendations – if you’ve got a particular challenge you need to overcome, be it a requirement to cut costs or to find a component that does exactly what you need it to, we can help.

Our aim is to provide every customer with an answer to their stud welding needs that’s competitively priced and offers exceptional value. To discover more about what we can offer or to discuss your project with us, call us at (800) 722-7883.