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Image Industries’ innovative solutions are driven by our commitment to providing clients with high-level welding solutions. Our long list of creative welding products are able to help companies access the highest quality welding materials in the industry, and the quality we champion is evident in the brands that we provide to our valued clients.

These brands are the cutting edge of design and manufacturing and have been built in order to provide professional-grade welding products to people who want to get jobs done right the first time. They have been meticulously tested and designed with the professional welder in mind so you can focus on the work, not the gear.

These brands include:


QuikLinx is the world’s leading weldable cable management solution. Managing stray cables is a problem every welding professional can attest to, which is why we created a cable management solution that is easy, affordable, and, most importantly, effective. These innovative cable tie Linx mounts are built for rugged applications that can fit any need, any design, and any budget. The QuikLinx cable tie mounting bases weld in place in as fast as 0.2 seconds, and our magazined Auto-feed weld tool can place up to 16 Linx mounts a minute.

QuikLinx cable tie mounts can help:

  • Increase productivity
  • Lower labor costs
  • Complete low, mid, and high volume applications

QuikLinx is the simple, environmentally friendly cable management solution that we have developed to help you get rid of conventional multi-component alternatives so you can run your operations more effectively.

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Bluearc is Image’ brand of stud welding products specifically designed for the construction industry.

Bluearc’s extensive inventory and product capabilities allow us to deliver the parts needed to help you get the job done right, and on time – whenever you need it.

These products are customizable and upgradable to better allow for future growth. They include:

  • Headed Anchor Studs for anchoring steel plates and shapes in concrete structures
  • Deformed Bar Anchors to increase holding power in concrete and maximize material strength
  • Shear Connectors for pinning poured concrete flooring to load bearing steel beams
  • Stud Welding Equipment, including sales, repair and rentals for your use in the shop or field

Bluearc construction products are produced from 85% recycled content and processed using Electronic Arc Furnace technology, one of the leading environmental steel furnace technologies available. We are fully compatible with LEED-certified projects.

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Learn More About The Image Industries Brands

At Image Industries, we offer a vast selection of welding products under the QuikLinx and Bluearc brands. Our team of stud welding experts has years of experience providing manufacturers and welders with several products to meet their welding needs. For more information, call Image Industries at (866) 944-0335 or request a quote online today.

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