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Custom Welding Fasteners

Custom fasteners for your unique welding needs.

Image Industries is a trusted custom welding fastener manufacturer that produces custom, made-to-order fasteners in addition to standard weld studs for your welding needs. We offer an extensive selection of materials and tooling options so that you can get the fasteners that will maximize the efficiency and productivity of your welding systems.

We only utilize the highest quality materials and the latest advances in welding techniques to bring you customized welding fasteners.

What Are Welding Fasteners?

Welding fasteners are welded directly to the surface of a metal substrate. Since fasteners help create an incredibly strong bond between metals, this method eliminates the need for complicated equipment use.

The energy used to produce stud welds is precisely controlled by your stud welding equipment, making some fasteners have unique requirements based on the metal, equipment used, and dimensions/qualities of the project at hand. Additionally, using stud welding fasteners can eliminate extra steps including drilling holes, polishing, and the use of bolts and washers.

Advantages Of Custom Welding Fasteners

If you have been struggling to find fasteners that meet the unique demands of your welding projects, our experts can help you customize and design the fasteners that will enhance your welding capabilities and make you wonder why you ever settled for less. If you can’t find the products you need from our catalog, our team can help you create customized components designed exactly to your specifications.


No matter the type of equipment you use or the materials you work with, our deep inventory and professional team can help you create the custom components you need to improve performance and efficiency.

Eliminate Extra Steps

Sometimes finding the perfect fastener is next to impossible. Rather than wasting precious work hours endlessly searching for the perfect product, allow our engineering teams to help you pinpoint the fasteners that your system demands.

Save Money

It is never a good bet to gamble on a part. If you have the slightest uncertainty about the compatibility of a fastener, don’t waste time and money testing out parts that “might” work. Let us help make this process effortless and affordable.

Receive Your Custom Welding Fasteners Today

Image Industries is committed to finding, manufacturing, and customizing the products you need to get the job done right. We understand that off-the-shelf products are not always going to cut it, which is why we are dedicated to providing customization and engineering services that are designed to exceed your expectations. For more information, call Image Industries at (866) 944-0335 or request a quote online today.

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