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Meeting the strict demands of the food service industry.

When it comes to producing reliable products and equipment for the food service industry, quality and craftsmanship are everything. Food-grade equipment requires welding processes that are executed to perfection using dependable and easily repeatable techniques.

Food service equipment needs to be consistently free of germs and all contaminants, which makes the duties of welders in this industry that much more essential. At Image Industries, our products are compliant with regulations and are powerful enough to secure all types of equipment.

Welding Products For The Food Service Industry

Image Industries provides the food service industry with precision products that can be used in the manufacturing of perfectly designed pipelines and ultra-smooth surfaces that are easy to keep sanitized and will function for long periods of time. Our stainless steel weld studs enable an excellent, detailed weld quality to be produced. These products will not only reduce fabrication time and costs but also result in a consistently smooth and high-quality finish that is integral to achieving a sanitary finish.

FDA Compliant

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has established the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to help industries ensure that final products are not contaminated. To ensure good hygiene and sanitation during food production and handling, Image’s products adhere to welding standards for each component that impacts processing. Image can help deliver the best tools to perform hygienic and sanitary welds that will minimize potential risks to public health.

NSF/ANSI Compliant

Weld studs made from stainless steel grades 304 and 316 are one of our specialties. We have the skill to address the stringent requirements of the food service industry, including NSF/ANSI requirements. Not only is the NSF/ANSI requirement critical, but Image Industries understands how demanding your customers are regarding the appearance of their products. We produce stud welding equipment to the highest aesthetic and quality standards.

Why Work With Image Industries?

We always ensure products are free of grooves, pits, divots, holes, craters, and more. Our finished products are crafted to be able to withstand potential corrosion from demanding food processing and heavy-duty cleaning products. Trust the skills and expertise of welding industry professionals when crafting equipment that will be providing the public with food products.

Image Industries brings you: 

  • Exceptional Variety. We always have a wide range of in-stock weld studs in carbon and stainless steel to meet your design and production requirements.
  • Customization. Our custom-engineered, innovative solutions solve your specific design challenges.
  • On-Site Service and Operator Training. On-site service and training minimize operator and stud welding equipment problems, and maximize production and quality.

Speak With Image Industries For More Information

Image Industries is a trusted partner to the food service industry and can provide durable and seamless welding products when you need them most. We always ensure the products we work on for the food service industry are rigorously developed to the strictest standards so you will not have to worry about maintaining sanitation and leaks. We are happy to provide samples of any of our materials. For more information on our stud welding products for the food service industry, call Image Industries at (866) 944-0335 or request a quote online today.

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