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Custom equipment that meet the standards of the nuclear industry.

The nuclear power industry is one of the most stringent industries in the world. The monitoring and minute specifications of the equipment used in this industry requires a targeted and professional welding process. The U.S. economy depends on nuclear power. Approximately 100 reactors around the country generate 20% of the electricity we use. While many of these reactors are ageing, there are plans to continue building nuclear plants in the future.

Our line of weld studs and stud welding equipment can provide the accuracy and reliability that nuclear industry materials require. We are capable of supplying products that can join the various high-strength, corrosion-resistant metal alloys specified for the nuclear industry.

The Benefits Of Using Stud Welding Products For Nuclear Manufacturing

We provide weld studs and similar welding products for organizations working with nuclear energy to offer several benefits for their manufacturing processes.

Saves Money

Because stud welding is fast and stronger than other methods of welding, using our stud welding equipment and parts can potentially cut down on labor costs. Welders will be able to get more projects done in a shorter period of time by using our professional-grade and industry-compliant parts.

Powerful Bonding

Our stud welding equipment works to produce solid, reliable bonds on almost any type of metal. We are able to manufacture custom equipment that is specifically designed for your nuclear welding application.

Variety Of Use Cases

Our welding products can be applied to a variety of applications in the nuclear industry as it is an efficient, compliant and reliable production method.

Why Choose Image Industries For Stud Welding Products?

The demand for nuclear power continues, and so does the demand for dependable and reliable stud welding solutions. We have deep experience in the nuclear industry and its unique weld stud demands. Our knowledge of chemical composition, corrosion resistance and industry requirements, along with our numerous certifications, is at the crux of our nuclear industry experience.

Image Industries brings you:

  • Certified Quality. We hold Nuclear Quality Assurance certification (NQA-1); are audit-ready; have ISO9000 certification, and have received numerous quality awards. We meet all AWS (American Welding Society) codes.
  • Exceptional Flexibility. Our large inventory and production capacity allow us to meet all your stud welding and study welding product needs — no matter how large.
  • Documentation. As a Military Tier 1 supplier, we can meet the exacting and critical requirements for documentation.

Get Started With Stud Welding Products Today

Image Industries can deliver the products needed to handle the precise stainless steel welding techniques that are typically employed. This includes industry-standard stud welding machinery and equipment, weld studs and accessories, among many other products. For more information on our stud welding products for the nuclear industry, call Image Industries at (847) 603-2233 or request a quote online today.

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