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Custom Welding Equipment

Our Custom Welding Equipment

We not only deliver the highest quality customized stud welding equipment and parts, but we deliver them at an exceptional value. No one else combines such impressive quality with competitive pricing. Everything we manufacture is made from high-grade materials and designed to offer years of excellent service.

Here are some of the different types of custom welding equipment we manufacture:

Stud Welding Equipment

Our manufacturing and R&D teams are well-versed in designing and creating superior customized stud welding equipment, including fixtures, drawn ARC and CD equipment. We also have auto-feed solutions.

Customized Weld Studs And Products

We also provide a selection of commonly used and niche customized products, including weld studs. Just tell us the outcomes you want to achieve, and we will provide the components to get the job done.

Metal Fabrication

Using a custom metal fabrication ensures that your components are handled and created with more advanced methods. We have an array of special machinery and tools at our disposal that can help anyone get the metal they need in the way that is best for your project.

Normal fabrication relies on traditional methods, such as metal welding. Our advanced methods are carried out by high-precision tools that ensure more durability and personalized functionality, depending on your unique needs.

Benefits Of Purchasing Custom Welding Equipment

Image Industries has been manufacturing custom welding equipment for well over fifty years. Here are some of the benefits of purchasing custom welding equipment through us:

Guaranteed Compatibility

If you have unique production processes, there is a good chance that a standard piece of sheet metal will not be compatible with your design needs. With custom welding work, you can guarantee that the metal will be formed into the right size and shape to perform its needed function. Custom welding can also be used to update outdated parts or reverse engineer a custom component.


When a metal component has been welded to meet your exact specifications, it will result in an increase in efficiency, productivity, and your business’s bottom line. For example, a custom component may provide your workers with an improved ability to get jobs done, helping you to complete jobs faster and move through projects with more agility.

Longer Lifespan

Well-made, specialized equipment is less likely to be worn down through normal wear-and-tear during its usage. Customized metal alloys can be strengthened to provide extra resistance against chemical exposure or extreme temperatures, helping you to avoid repairs or replacements and utilize gear that is made for your specializations.

Get Your Custom Welding Equipment Today

Do you need custom welding equipment for your next project? Contact Image Industries today. We can also assist you with everything from custom welding services to heavy equipment rentals. For more information, call Image Industries at (866) 944-0335 or request a quote online today.

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