Compact Agriculture and Construction Equipment

Stud Welds for Compact Construction

Image offers exciting stud welding solutions for compact construction equipment to service the agricultural and construction markets. We are industry leaders in manufacturing threaded fasteners & hydraulic ports for these businesses.

Our solutions:

  • Reduce Cost
  • Improve Throughput
  • Enhance Quality
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The Secret to Our Success – Our Port Weld Process

We’ve created a proprietary process for the compact construction equipment industry to turn the industry on its head & deliver better solutions to our customers. Using Image’s port weld process, a typical port will weld to a cylinder in less than 1 second.

Why this matters:

  • This is a big throughput improvement over existing processes.weld image industries
  • The overall heat input into the tube is small which means a small heat affected zone. This small zone means that the tube does not distort or “egg” during the welding process. Minimal distortion removes cylinder post port welding refinishing operations like skiving and honing. Some customers buy pre-honed tubing and never touch the inside of the tube again. This is a major win for cost and throughput!
  • Often a cylinder manufacturer can reduce the wall thickness of the tubing. For example, one of our customers went from a 9mm wall to a 5mm wall. This saved tons of steel.

Additional Benefits to our Port Weld Process
1. No Flat Spot Needed – this technology does not require a flat spot to be machined on the tube; it can weld directly on the raw tube. It does not require a unique fitting for each diameter of tube. One port welds onto all diameters of tubing.

2. Customizable – The fitting can be made to exactly the customer’s needs. Normally, a boss is welded to the tube and then another 90° fitting is threaded into that boss. There are always difficulties when tightening the extra fitting and trying to align it to a particular orientation. With this port weld technology the final 90° fitting is welded in the proper orientation. This saves an extra fitting which saves more costs.

stud welds image indsutriesThreaded Studs & Weld on Threaded Bosses
In addition to developing a word class process for hydraulic ports, Image also manufactures weld on threaded studs and weld on threaded bosses which are widely used in the manufacture of agricultural and construction equipment.

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