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Using Headed Anchor Weld Studs in Pre-Cast Concrete

At Image Industries, we work with companies that complete all types of construction projects from bridges to some of the largest buildings and facilities across the United States. In many applications, the headed stud anchors are stud welded onto the steel, and the concrete poured on top, create a solid, durable hold that is effective as well as easy.

However, it is also possible to use our headed stud anchors for pre-cast concrete. This is most commonly seen in construction where steel beams and framing is used in conjunction with concrete tilt-up walls.

Options in Anchors

The most common options in a headed stud anchor used in precast concrete will be either mild steel or stainless steel. The specific length and body diameter will be determined by the specific applications for the job. This, in turn, will be calculated to include the maximum yield strength as well as the maximum yield shear that will be present.

Typically, headed stud anchor sizes and diameter will also vary based on the specific placement or type of precast concrete structure. Most will be three to eight inches in length and will be patterned in specific groups to address load capacity requirements.

Issues that have to be carefully considered when using a headed stud anchor in a precast construction project include concerns about concrete breakout and pryout. This is most commonly associated with free edges and shear force that is directed away, but with proper placement of the anchors as well as consideration for the specifics of the design these issues can be addressed.

Choosing the right headed stud will be essential when considering a pre-cast construction project. Browse our website or contact us by phone at 800-722-7883 to place an order!

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