Engineering Expertise

Engineering and Applications Expertise

Image is committed to providing technology that makes your job easier. We are pioneers in the development of digital stud welding equipment that promotes efficiency and solves common problems. Our revolutionary arc and CD equipment is known for its user-friendly, modular designs. Handheld, robotic, or customized equipment is available.

With our Smart Weld™ feature, operators no longer need to determine the weld parameters—the microprocessor-controlled power supply does it for them. Our engineering and R&D efforts continue to generate more technologies for improving the fastening process, and our on-staff applications experts provide solutions to meet your needs.

Equipment Advantages

Easier to use

Our equipment is designed to make the stud welding process easier for the user. Its digital technology provides simple-to-follow prompts and such helpful features as Smart Weld™. To enhance your current process, the equipment can interface readily with robots and automated machinery.

Increases productivity

Our equipment helps you reduce typical welding times and save steps. Multi-weld tool options, for example, let you use as many as four weld tools, eliminating the need to set different weld parameters and change the weld tool setup with each application. And fast charge times on our CD equipment ensure that the equipment is ready when you are, with no waiting.

Customizable and flexible

All Image equipment may be customized to your needs, and is upgradable for future growth.

Enhances quality

To help support ISO 9000 style programs, Image equipment offers optional data recorders for quality control documentation.

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