Drawn Arc Stud Welding Process

Drawn Arc Stud Welding

Drawn Arc Stud Welding, or more simply stud welding, is the process which quickly joins together a base metal, such as steel, to a fastener. This is done via a controlled electric arc process, which melts the end of the fastener to the base metal. There are many types of Fasteners, which are also known as stud welds, including tapped, unthreaded, and threaded.

Materials that both stud welds & base metals are typically made of include:Steel

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum

The Stud Welding Process

Drawn Arc Welding Advantages

The Drawn Arc welding provides excellent welding success under a broad range of conditions. It produces a full cross-sectional weld, forming a bond that is stronger than the surrounding metal. This section examines its quality, productivity, and cost advantages.

Improved Quality

Weld strength — Drawn arc stud welding produces a strong, one-sided weld. The welds are vibration-proof and resistant to breaking, loosening, or weakening.

Aesthetic appeal — For applications in which quality is measured in part by attractive appearance, arc welding offers excellent cosmetic appeal because the reverse side is not marred.

Ample design freedom — Arc welding’s one-sided fastening process permits greater design versatility.

Increased Productivity

Faster, easier manufacturing — Compared with other typical fastening processes, arc welding permits faster, easier manufacturing because each weld is achieved in less than a second, and because welds can be achieved with access to only one side.

Fewer manufacturing steps — Arc welding eliminates punching, drilling, tapping, and riveting. With special techniques, it permits welding on painted surfaces, eliminating the need for pre-grinding and recoating.

Economic Advantages

Labor savings — Labor costs are dramatically reduced with arc welding because through-hole preparation is eliminated and the process can be completed by a single worker.

Fabrication savings — Often, an expensive, odd-shaped piece can be duplicated inexpensively by welding several studs to a simple stock shape to form a metal fabrication.