Capacitive Discharge Threaded Weld Studs at Competitive Prices

favicon-ipad-retinaDue to their versatility, capacitive discharge threaded weld studs are a popular choice. Because CD weld studs are fast and versatile they are a perfect solution for various businesses, from food service equipment to elevator panels. At Image, we provide the perfect a wide variety of materials including carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel threaded studs and other stud options to provide our customers with the longevity and strength that’s required for the task at hand.

Customizable Welded Threaded Studs

We provide personalized solutions for your stud welding requirements, so no matter what challenges you’re facing or what type of studs you need, we can help. Our expert team can advise on CD studs and metric weld stud options. All of our studs are available in a wide range of sizes. Regardless if you need something extremely large or incredibly tiny, we can create a stud for your specific requirements.

A Threaded Stud Welder Can Make Your Operation More Efficient

Techniques involving the use of CD weld studs can be extremely cost-effective. If your business operates at a high-volume and you need to find a way of maintaining the high welding standards while knocking down overhead costs, our CD welding equipment can help! Capacitor discharge studs take less than a tenth of a second to weld into place, making them a remarkably fast, quality solution.

High-Quality CD Weld Studs

We take pride in our products and ensure that every one of our customers receive top-grade threaded weld studs that are made from premium materials. To find out more about our products or to place and order, call (800) 722-7883 today.