Collar Studs Drawn Arc Weld Studs


Collar Weld Studs (Collar Studs) in the Volume You Need

Enormously versatile, collar weld studs benefit from a steel collar (or extrusion) on the stud shaft. This collar allows additional sheets of metal to be rested on top of it, creating a gap between panels, or can be used to offset components. We offer a complete inventory of collar weld studs, giving you the freedom to select a size and configuration that’s exactly what you need to get your project completed. All of our collar studs are threaded for the ability to fasten nuts to the stud as well.

Often, this style stud can be used when others are being considered. A collar stud can replace shoulder studs and internally tapped studs in many applications. The advantage is that collar studs are less costly than other types of studs in similar sizes. Please note that the base length includes the thickness of the collar. Contact your Image sales representative to find out if we already manufacture a collar stud for your application.

Stainless Steel Collar Stud

Stainless steel is a popular choice, as it’s extremely durable as well as being corrosion resistant, making it ideal for applications which may come into contact with food & beverages, chemicals or other substances which have the potential to become contaminated. As an experienced manufacturer and provider of studs, we are able to complete orders of all sizes when it comes to welding accessories.

More Options from Image Industries

Our studs are just part of the collection of welding accessories which we provide. We also offer a good range of welding equipment, as well as tailored answers to your welding challenges. If you’re not sure which type of stud is going to be best for your project, or to find out more about what we can provide, call us at (800) 722-7883.