CD Cables

Image can manufacture almost any cable you require for stud welding. This would include weld tool cables, extension (combo) cables, and ground cables. Please contact us at or call us at 800-603-5851 for assistance with your cables. 

Typical Ground Cable

Typical Ground Cable

The Typical Ground Cable is used to adhere to recommended safety practices specified by various federal and state codes and standards. View Product

Typical Extension Cable

Typical Extension Cable

Image Industries can manufacture almost any cable you need for your stud welding projects, and one of our specialties is the typical extension cable. Using our high quality extensions cable(s), you can use your tools for hard to reach welding jobs in places farther away from the power source. Our cables meet unique specification requirements needed to operate your welding ... View Product

We Supply a Full Range of Arc Welder Cables

Image Industries provides the high-grade welding cables you need to extend your reach, or replace worn out predecessors. Our selection of arc welder cable includes welding ground cable and welding extension cable options. Benefiting from a robust build construction and with an emphasis on safety and durability, our cables are an essential accessory for almost every welding set-up.

Customized Stud Welding Extension Cable Available

In addition to our selection of ready-made cable options, we can also create customized cables which have been manufactured to your individual specifications. Particularly if you have a challenging project on hand or operate in a niche setting where a tailored cable set-up is essential, we have the capacity to provide exactly what you\\\'re looking for.

When you turn to us for cables, you´ll be working with a company that not only creates a comprehensive selection of welding equipment and accessories (including an extensive inventory of studs), but who also carries out numerous welding projects for a wide variety of industries. This background gives us the knowledge and skill to determine what cable combination is going to work well in almost any welding situation.

Value is always important when it comes to purchasing welding equipment. Our aim is to ensure that every customer benefits from premium cabling products that are competitively priced at the same time as providing years of excellent performance. To find out more about our range or to tell us what type of cabling you need, call us at (800) 722-7883.